The Exposition Center (Expo Center) Terminal 1 (T1) is located in Hall C the domestic flights area, between Gates 4 and 5. Year round, it is open to the public 24 hours a day.

On view for the public will be diverse exhibits related to aviation and its development in Mexico, presentations related to the flora, fauna, and ecosystems of the country, as well as art and culture by recognized artists, and other expositions that contribute to the spread of cultural and touristic riches in the Mexican Republic.

In the back area of the same exhibit, busts of various personalities who participated significantly in the development of aviation in Mexico are displayed.

Currently, this venue holds the exhibition: Visions of Another World by David Lach, which we invite you to walk the floor on the Exhibition Centre to know the contents of this exhibition, open until August 31st, 2017.

Additionally, you are invited to visit the Conquest of Air by Man mural, on view in Hall B in the domestic flights area. The work of the Architect Juan O’Gorman, it represents a journey through the history of humanity and its struggle to break all boundaries, symbolizing the beginning of aviation and its evolution to modern times.


Visions of Another World, by David Lach

Comprised of more than 80 landscapes made on fiberglass, a support that has distinguished Lach’s world, not only in Mexico but the world, the showing will be the door into radical universes: “My work is science fiction, through which I place myself in different universes and planets”.

“Color is essential, you can feel the strokes because it’s raw and direct, is like diving into other dimensions” covering different shades of blue, green, ochre, orange and red; as well as the presence of the female figure and, as his permanent murals from the same airport, the inspiration from pre-Columbian topics.

Recognized as the first artist in the world using fiberglass as mainstray, a technique he has termed material painting, Lach shows in the exhibition the culmination of his research about polymers.

“I’ve painted with fiberglass since 1971. I dedicated myself to investigate polymers since then and I think I reached the limit of innovation with the use of methyl methacrylate, which is the finest in plastics, in almost pure acrylic; where my work can prevail outdoors in the sunshine for 300 years”.

David Lach is an artist that has stood out for the use of unconventional materials for the creation of paintings, engravings and murals. Inside his endeavors, he has explored different supports to express the movement, the light and the color, characteristics highlighting his works impressively.

Its material painting allows the work to carry out a double function, as a glass window and as a mural; on one hand, reflecting the filtered light, and on the other hand, being translucent, the painting shines and modifies its intensity according to the light intensity received during the day, thus, he managed to give an unique brightness and color to the painting.