Remuneration For Checked Baggage Review Service

Remuneration per passenger (in pesos)
Applicable range
Under 3 million passengers
3-4 million passengers
4-5 million passengers
More than 5 million passengers


Application criteria

  1. The airlines must be current on their contractual and payment obligations for the checked baggage review service.
  2. The airline interested in having these remunerations applied, must apply in writing.
  3. The remuneration to be applied shall be calculated based on reports of AICM passenger movement, based on the departure records provided by the airlines themselves.
  4. In the case of airlines belonging to the same group, the total number of departing passengers subject to payment will be taken together, discounting national and international connections.
  5. Each year the total of departing passengers transported will be reviewed in December, in order to determine the remuneration to be applied throughout the year immediately following; the basis of analysis shall be the period from November to November of each year.
  6. The following shall pay a remuneration of $ 0.00:
    a) Children up to two years (infants).
    b) The representatives and diplomats of foreign countries, in case of reciprocity.
    c) Passengers in transit and in connection.
    d) Aeronautical technical personnel on official business only, that have the applicable valid license issued by the aviation authority. For the purpose of these rules, only extra, reinforcing, return, and concentration crew members will be considered, including pilot, copilot, flight attendant and flight mechanic.
  7. These remunerations will apply starting August 1st, 2015, non-retroactively.
  8. These remunerations will have the Value Added Tax (VAT) applied, in accordance with the corresponding law.

Revised/Last Update: August 5, 2015 9:40 am