The health procedures office provides health authorization for the national and international transport of cadavers, organs, and tissues.

International Procedures 

  • Submit original documentation and identification of the person initiating the process (note that the original documentation arrives with the human remains).

Documents required

  • Cargo manifest or waybill given by the airline.
  • Death certificate.
  • Certificate of embalming (Witnessed or notarized).
  • Permission to transport (Witnessed or notarized).
  • All documentation with translation.


Submit original documentation and identification of the person initiating the process (the documentation is submitted by the funeral home prior to the shipment of human remains).

Documents required

  • Death certificate.
  • Certificate of embalming.
  • Permission to transport.


  • For national processes, the cargo manifest must be presented if this has been obtained.
  • In case of international departures, check the requirements of the destination country.

All information on human remains is collected in a form called the HEALTH PROCESS LOG, sealed and signed by the shift personnel of the Office and the person initiating the process. This register is printed in duplicate, one for Office filing and records, and another to add to the original documentation of the human remains.


The health process for the Mobilization of Organs and Tissues is done electronically prior to arrival, for which the applicant must send the following documentation by email in digitized format to

  • Cargo manifest (with data of the sending institution and the receiving institution.
  • Donor information with their laboratory results.
  • Valid COFEPRIS permit (the ORIGINAL must be submitted to the customs authority).
  • Details of the person initiating the process and the email to which the digitized document will be sent.

All information on organs and tissues is collected in a format called HEALTH PROCESS LOG, sealed and signed by the shift personnel of the Office. This register is printed only once, and is scanned and sent electronically to the email provided. This is so that users can have the documentation in advance. It is important to mention that the authority responsible for collecting the biological material does not have the original document.


You are hereby informed that based on current regulations, the air transport of ashes of corpses does not require health authorization, due to the fact that the cremation process denatures any pathological entity, so they do not contain microorganisms or toxic substances and are considered inert material posing no risk to the health of the population.

Therefore the documents the passenger should present to transfer ashes are:

  • Death certificate.
  • Certificate of cremation.

In case of international departure, check the destination country’s requirements. A HEALTH PROCESS LOG will be issued if requested by authorities of the destination country.

The foregoing aims to comply with the General Law of Health for disease control for the arrival, departure, and disposal of organs, tissues, and human remains at the Mexico City International Airport, and other international treaties.

Location and Hours

At the end of Terminal 1 in the Customs Cargo area within the precincts of the SAT, across from the Aeroméxico office, on street Francisco Sarabia, No Number.
Hours: 6 a.m. to 9 p.m. from Monday to Friday.
8 a.m. to 8 p.m. on weekends and holidays
Telephone: 5786-8012

Dr. Alan Saul Moreno Curroc
Health Processes Customs Office, Mexico City International Airport (AICM)

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