INM (National Immigration Institute)

Primary function at  AICM

The INM is responsible for regulating the entry and departure of travelers into and out of national territory.

Recomendaciones generales para el pasajero

Presentar pasaporte, visa, y Multiple Immigration Form or Residence Card, según sea el caso. Conservar su forma migratoria.


  • Lic. Ricardo Álvarez Campos, Federal Subdelegado Chief in the AICM
  • Coordinator: 5133- 0020  Ext.: 32303.
    Immigration Administrative Office, Mezzanine office 78

Terminal 1:

  • Local Delegate in Terminal 1
    Lic. Leonel Fernando Rojas Rodríguez, Local operations officer.
    Telephone: 5133-0020 Ext. 32354 y 32309
  • Local Delegate INM AICM. Legal and Customer Service area in Terminal 1:
    Lic. Bibiana Camacho Vázquez.

Terminal 2:

  • Local Delegate in terminal 2:
    Ing. Enrique Valderrábano Rosas,
    Telephone: 5133-0020 Exts. 32362 y 32353
  • Local Delegate INM AICM. Legal and Customer Service area in Terminal 2:
    Lic. Julio Alberto Garrido Vargas.



  • SAM format (Lower Output Format)
  • Authorizations and issuing definitive departures.
  • Replenishments FMM  for purposes of leaving the country.
  • DNR (Law of the No Resident).
  • Departure and Return Permit

Location and schedules

Terminal 1:

  • Immigration Court (Public attention)

Entrance 10

Phone: +52 55 5133-0020, extensions: 32325 and 32327

Schedule of Attention 24 hours

  • Immigration Control Zone

Gate M1, lower level, near the Final Waiting Gates 28 (international flight arrival)

Hours of attention: 24 hours

Terminal 2:

  • Legal Offices for Immigration (Passenger care)

Gate K, First Floor international departures

Phone: +52 55 5133-0020, ext. 32360

Schedule attention: 24 hours


More information

Visit the website of the National Immigration Institute Adds-Add-link-icon2


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