International Health


Primary function at AICM

To comply with General Health Law in matters of international health and international health regulations, with the goal of applying preventative measures for diseases that are subject to international health control (yellow fever, plague, cholera, malaria, pandemic influenza and others determined by the WHO-PAHO). This thereby strengthens the response to the international spread of diseases in the area of its competency. Its function is also to prevent the entry into Mexico of exotic diseases, considered as new diseases or non-existent in Mexico.  This is meant to prevent epidemiological outbreaks that pose a risk to the population.  This takes place through interviewing, identifying and registering travelers from countries reported by the World Health Organization with endemic zones or the presence of disease outbreaks for international epidemiological tracking and control.

General recommendations for travelers

  • For travelers from zones endemic to yellow fever and cholera, international health authorities request the following:

Travelers must present their immunization booklet with a current record of yellow fever and cholera vaccinations.

Some countries and regions that require vaccination against Yellow Fever:

  • America:

Bolivia, Bolivia, Brazil, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Paraguay

  • Africa

Angola, Cameroon, Liberia, Begin, Cameroon, Gambia, Ethiopia, Kenya, etc.

Responsable de la Unidad de Sanidad Internacional en AICM T1 y T2

Dra. Yareli Pérez Hernández

Encargado Administrativo de la Unidad de Sanidad Internacional:

Lic. Juan Carlos Jaramillo Solorio.


Location and schedules

  • Terminal 1

International arrivals, ground floor, before Immigration

Phone: +52 55 55-7132-86

Phone-Fax: +52 55  2599-1100

Schedule Attention: 24 hours, 365 days a year.


  • Terminal 2

International arrivals, ground floor, before Immigration

Phone: +52 55 4313-1405/08

Schedule Attention: 24 hours, 365 days a year.

  • Health care call center:

Phone: (01800) 901-1010

Schedule: Monday to Sunday and holidays 24 hours.


The presence of modern and efficient transportation services for domestic and foreign travelers requires having an epidemiological monitoring structure in international health matters at international airports, seaports and points of entry by land. This structure’s goal is to prevent the spread of diseases considered to be subject to international epidemiological monitoring, in national territory, in accordance with national and international standards, laws and regulations (International Health Regulations). It also looks to prevent that efficient and modern passenger transportation systems — both domestic and international — spread diseases that cause epidemiological outbreaks or disease to the population.

Sanidad Internacional is in charge of enforcing policies on international health and preventive medicine for immigrants and emigrants who are traveling through Mexico’s points of entry and exit.  Sanidad Internacional services rely on the Federal District of Public Health services and work in coordination with the relevant epidemiology authority (Dirección General de Epidemiología), according to International Health Regulations and international health organizations, such as the World Health Organization – Pan-American Health Organization (WHO-PAHO).  These areas are in charge of epidemiological monitoring, prevention and control of epidemiological diseases (eradicate, control and eliminate them, as well as emerging diseases).

Legal Basis

  • Political Constitution of the United States of Mexico
  • Ley General de Salud
  • Regulations on the General Law of Health and Sanitation (Ley General de Salud en Materia de Sanidad Internacional)
  • International Health Regulations
  • Official Mexican Norms (Normas oficiales mexicanas)
  • Treaties, international conventions and other applicable provisions


The primary objective of the International Health Unit (Unidad de Sanidad Internacional) is to comply with regulations on International Health matters in the area of its competency, and prevent the entry into Mexico of diseases or illnesses subject to epidemiological monitoring and quarantine, which give rise to epidemiological outbreaks that pose a risk to the population.

Centros de Vacunación  en los Estados de la República Mexicana:

  • Jalisco “Prevenir Centro de Vacunación Medicina Preventiva S.A.”

Palomar y Arias 658 Int B2, Núcleo Médico Yaquis, Col. Prados Providencia, Guadalajara Jalisco.

Phone: (0133) 3615 9268

  • Nuevo León “Fundación VAX de Monterrey, S.A. de C.V.”

Hidalgo número. 2425 Pte. Despacho 514, Col. Obispado Monterrey, Nuevo León

Phone: (0181)  8318-6847

  • Chihuahua “Clínica Médica Internacional”

Av. López Mateos No. 1030 Nte., Cd. Juárez, Chihuahua.

Phone:  (0165) 6613-9611

  • Mexico City

Health Center Dr. Ángel Brioso Vasconcelos

Benjamín Hill No. 14, Colonia Condesa

Phone: +52 55 5038-1700 ext. 7332 y 7333

  • Instituto Nacional de Nutrición (clínica del viajero) Zona de Hospitales

Vasco de Quiroga No. 15, Col. Sección XVI Tlalpan

Phone: +52 (55) 57-87-09-00 ext: 2913 and 7903

More information

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