PF (Federal Police)


Primary function at AICM
Safeguard the lives, integrity, security and rights of people, and preserve their freedoms, public order and peace.

General recommendations for travelers

• Arrive at the airport with sufficient time before your flight QUITAR COMA since both you and your baggage will be subject to security procedures.
• Do not lose sight of your luggage.
• Do not trust strangers; they tend to pretend to be travelers with different problems.
• Traveling with guns, ammunition, etc., is forbidden. (Check with your airline for more information).
• Traveling with flammable substances is forbidden. (for more information, check your airline’s list of prohibited items).
• Report any abandoned baggage, sack or object to authorities.
• Do not lose sight of children who are with you.
• Do not leave valuable items in your vehicle within line of sight.

Location and schedules

  • Terminal 1
    • Operational Offices
      Mezzanine No. 39
      Phone: +52 55 5133-1117 ext. 33750.
      Schedule of Attention: 24 hrs.
    • Office for Paying Fines
      Mezzanine No. 77
      Phone: +52 55 5133-1117 ext. 33754.
      Schedule: 08:00 – 16:00 hours, Monday to Sunday
    • Office for Registering Guns
      Mezzanine No. 76
      Phone: +52 55 5133-1117
      Schedule of attention: 24 hours a day, 365 days a year
    • Analysis and administrative liaison at T1
      In front of Baggage Claim Carousel 11 (International Arrivals from Central and South America and Caribbean).
      Phone: +52 5133-1117 ext. 33763.
      Schedule of attention: 24 hours a day, 365 days a year
  • Terminal 2
    Registration of Guns
    Walkway, ground floor, office 58, domestic area, in front of access gate 1
    Phone: +52 5133-1117
    Hours of service: 24 hours

Person in charge in T1 and T2

Inspector General Ricardo Arredondo Fierro
Titular de la Estación de Policía Federal en el AICM, Policía Federal (PF)

Some duties, authorities and obligations of the Federal Police

• Enforce and operate public security policies to prevent and fight crime.
• Prevent crimes from being committed.
• Investigate crimes under the oversight and command of the Attorney General’s Office, according to applicable provisions.
• Perform monitoring and inspection over the entry and exit of goods and people at airports and seaports authorized for international traffic, at customs, fiscal precincts, customs areas and customs revision points.  Manage, transport or store said goods in any part of national territory.
The Federal Police will act with fiscal precincts, customs, customs areas and customs inspection points, in support of and coordination with the responsible authorities on tax or immigration matters, under the terms of the Federal Police Law and other applicable legal provisions.

More information
We suggest you visit the following website:
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