Accredited foreign missions in México

The following link of the Secretaria de Relaciones Exteriores (SRE) (Foreign Relations Secretary) has lists of the embassies, consulates and international organizations accredited with the Mexican government, with headquarters or residency in the Mexican Republic.

Secretaría de Relaciones Exteriores, Misiones Extranjeras Adds-Add-link-icon2


For more information on passport procedures, please contact the offices  of the  Secretaría de Relaciones Exteriores or visit its website and look for the section on  Passports Adds-Add-link-icon2 

Lost and Found Objects

Should you forget your luggage or any other object at the checkpoints or boarding gate areas, you may visit the “Lost and Found” office to recover them.

To do so, you must submit the documentation below:

  • 1 A copy of your ID.
  • 1 A copy of your boarding pass.
  • A list of the items inside your luggage.
  • Power-of-attorney in the event someone else is to collect the piece of luggage, lost or seized item.

The Lost and Found Office for both terminals gets items forgotten in taxis, Immigration and Customs 15 days later. To retrieve them at our office, you must allow the time period above. Should you require further details, please visit the relevant entity office and as for the items forgotten in taxis, you must visit the Ground Transportation office.

Learn more about thefollow if you forgot something in a taxi acrobat-reader2


  • To claim objects worth more than $500.00 MXN, you must meet the criteria above and, furthermore, submit a copy of the purchasing invoice or ticket to prove ownership thereof. <\li>
  • To claim objects left in a plane, you must contact the airline, as it is the responsible party for these cases and it has a Lost and Found department of its own.

Please submit your suggestions, complaints and comments to the e-mails below:

  • Terminal 1:


  •  Terminal 2:


Office locations:

  • Terminal 1:

Between doors 4 and 5 on the first floor, next to the Movistar module, telephone: 2482-2289

  •  Terminal 2:

Ground level, near the bank area, telephone: 2598-7169

Business hours:

Monday through Friday from 08:00 to 21:30 hrs.

Saturday and Sunday 09:00 to 16:00 hrs.

Revised/Last Update: September 4, 2018 1:54 pm