Disabled persons

Nowadays, both inside and outside and at the accesses to the T1 and T2 terminal buildings, the AICM offers services and facilities designed for persons with different capacities, pregnant women and elderly people, with the objective of offering these groups of users greater comfort of movement during their stay at the airport.

To this end the AICM offers greater accessibility at strategic points and crowded areas, as well as exclusive services for these persons with characteristics such as:


Terminal 1: Located at Gates A, Bravo, D, E1, E3, F1, G, H and M; as well as the long-distance bus Terminal.

Terminal 2: located at the ends of the departure hall, pre-departure lounge, migration hall, VIP lounges and parking.

Moving walkways

Located in the international departure lounges of T1 and the pre-departure lounge of T2, this service provides its users with an easy transfer to the departure lounges without any need to walk.

Escalators and electric ramps

Offer ascent and descent facilities from different floors in the Terminal building. These are located at:

Terminal 1: Gate A, B, Bravo, D, E1, E2, F1 and M; and at the national baggage claim area and the long-distance bus terminal.

Terminal 2: located in the pre-departure area, departure lounges and connecting corridors for national and international flights and access to the migrant area.


There are furnishings and accessories exclusively for those persons with different capacities, as well as areas for attention to babies. These are located at:

Terminal 1: Gate A, Bravo. D, E1, E3, G, H, J M, and long-distance bus Terminal and throughout the departure lounges.

Terminal 2: At both ends of the shopping area, parking, departure lounges, pre-waiting lounges and bus Terminal.

Public telephone

There is telephone apparatus specifically designed for this kind of user, installed throughout the T1 and T 2 Terminals in the telephone booth areas.

Access ramps to terminal building

Located outside the Terminal 1 and Terminal 2 buildings.

Transport in mini vehicles

These offer free transfer service to pregnant women, elderly persons and those with different capacities within the Terminal in the following areas:

Terminal 1:National and international departure gates and national parking lot

Terminal 2:Terminal 2: Departure gates and parking lot.

The services of these units is provided from 6:30 am to 10.00 pm in the Terminal building and 24 hrs a day in the T1 and T2 national parking lots.

Preferential parking spaces

Located very close to the main accesses leading to the Terminal 1 and Terminal 2 buildings.

Air train

Aerotren1Transfer between terminals for these users; has escalators, ramps, elevators and an air- conditioned cars.

This service is offered between 5:00 am and 11.00 pm, 365 days of the year

In addition, the airlines offer accessibility to these users such as a wheelchair service, immediate baggage check-in and preferential boarding. For further information, we suggest you contact your airline.

Tactile strip

Located at Mexico City’s Benito Juarez International Airport Terminals 1 and 2 access gates; those gates were designed in risk free spaces, eliminating obstacles and providing Braille signaling for disabled persons.

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